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Money Monday: Social Security

| 04:44

In this week’s Money Monday, PTL’s David Highfield is talking with Jayme Meredith, of Hefren-Tillotson, about some of the myths and facts of Social Security.

Money Monday: How to Adjust to a Fluctuating Economy

| 04:54

PTL’s David Highfield is chatting with Jayme Meredith, of Hefren-Tillotson, about how best to adjust to a fluctuating economy.

The Trifecta of Legal Documents

| 03:56

We’re talking with Hefren-Tillotson Senior VP Jayme Meredith about the important legal documents everyone needs to have in place for their family.

Money Monday: Tuition Sticker Shock

| 04:57

In today’s Money Monday segment, Hefren-Tillotson’s Jayme Meredith has advice on saving to send your children to college!

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| By Jayme Meredith

How to be a Smart Giver

We all give because we want to do good things in this world. But there are opportunities to do good things and receive tax benefits…

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| By Jayme Meredith

I’ve Never Heard That Before

I’ve probably heard this said more times than I can even remember. I’ve also heard this one: “No one has ever asked me that before.”…

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| By Richard M. Birch III

Inflation Shouldn’t Be Scary

There is no doubt inflation is high. Currently, we are at a 5.4% year-over-year inflation rate, which is all the more jarring since we have…

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Don't underestimate China
| By Matthew Snider

Don’t Underestimate China

Evergrande Group recently made headlines as a key contributor to some short-term downward pressure on U.S. markets. The Chinese company is the country’s second largest…

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Breaking through a false sense of security
| By Richard M. Birch III

Breaking Through A False Sense of Security

Most people assume their retirement accounts are protected from creditors, but depending on where you live, and the specific type of retirement account you have,…

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